Monday, July 2, 2007

Anthony Bourdain- Kitchen Confidential - Book Review

You can tell by the the opening sentence that Bourdain has to remind us that he loves his job. " Don't get me wrong , I love the restaurant business".
My initial response after reading this book is that either he is a really bitter person or he really despises the kitchen world. This book is about the life of a chef, the disturbing parts of it, the part about being treating like a nothing, drugs and all the other things chefs do.
Am I being negative enough?.

The truth is Bourdain is intriguing, incredibly articulate and bluntfully honest. His writing will keep you reading and suck you in though his crabiness will spit you out like a dead fish. He gives some tips about cooking, about what you need and when you should dine. Don't you dare order fish on a Monday, since the fish is not delivered on Saturday or Sunday and fish from Friday is not all that fresh. This book is for people who really like cooking and won't be affected by a few nasty words from one of the best chefs around.
Bourdain is like Paris Hilton, you want to hate him but you embarassingly care what he has to say.

Watch Bourdain eat live seal in Quebec

If you want to read this book, send me an email with a recipe and I will pop this used book in the mail. I figure that I would rather that another foodie read it then have it lying around my house. Email:

So Easy to Please Mahimahi

Yesterday my fiance and I were a bit sick. Our noses were stuffed and our energy was zapped. I wanted to make something to eat that was fairly healthy and that required minimum effort. I took out some mahimahi fish from the freezer. I brushed it with hoisin sauce and squeezed some lemon on it. My fiance kept ranting about how good it tasted . I thought to myself ; yesterday when I made stuffed peppers and it took me over 2 hours, he said it was not bad . Today I just throw some fish in the oven and cover it with sauce and he is in heaven. Was the fish really that good or was it our blocked noses that played tricks on us?