Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Incredible Feast- Where the Farmers are Stars

An event to to raise awareness about Washington’s local family farms, and to raise money for disaster relief for farmers in need.

Many famous chefs will star in this feast. There will be live shows and lots of great food.
Chef list:
Renee Erickson/Boat Street; Juli Guillemette/Brasa; Ande Janousek/Carmelita; Taichi Kitamura/Chiso; Scott Emerick/Cremant; Amy McCray/Eva; Christine Keff/Flying Fish; Joseba Jiménez de Jiménez/Harvest Vine; Julie Andres/La Medusa; Emmanuel Piqueras/Mixtura; Philip Mihalski/Nell's; John Sundstrom and Aleks Dimitirjevic/Lark & Licorous; Dan Braun/Oliver's Twist; Lisa Nakamura/Qube; Thierry Rautureau/Rover's; John Neumark/Serafina; Seth Caswell/Stumbling Goat; Maria Hines/Tilth; Ethan Stowell/Union and Tavolata; Don Curtiss/Volterra; Vicky McCaffree/Yarrow Bay Grill; Scott Staples/ Restaurant

When: Sunday, August 26, 4 - 7 pm
$50 per adult, $10 per child 12 and under (children 3 and under free)
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