Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Greek Gods Greek Yogurt Recipe Contest

Are you good at inventing recipes? Are you looking for a place to take your date for Valentine's day? Do you want to enjoy a romantic dinner for two? Do you love using the Greek Gods creamy thick Greek yogurt in your cooking?

Contest: Blog about any recipe idea, traditional or modern, consistent with a Mediterranean lifestyle influence. Recipes should have qualities representative of the Mediterranean Region. Recipes do not have to be Greek but should incorporate one or more of the Greek Gods Yogurts as a substantial ingredient. All entries must be submitted no later than February 8, 2008. If you are blogging about it, please include a link to: www.greekgodsyogurt.com and to this blog post as well.
Submit all recipe entries to: recipecontest@greekgodsyogurt.com
No blog required. Just send an email. Recipes will be judged on creativity, appearance and taste.

First Prize: $150 Gift Certificate for dinner on behalf of the Greek Gods at your favorite restaurant(you choose) and the winning recipe and photo will be posted on the Greek Gods website and on this blog.

Other Prizes: Greek Gods T-Shirts and/or your recipe and name posted on Savvy Savorer blog with a link to your blog.

Check out some of the funky T-Shirts at www.greekgodsyogurt.shirtcity.com

*** All judging will be conducted privately, and judging participants will be selected at the sole discretion of 3 Greek Gods, LLC.

More Information About Greek Gods......................


The Greek Gods are a Mediterranean foods company based near Seattle, WA. Since 2003 its original 3 founding members have actively taken an enthusiastic and direct approach to continually promoting and expanding an awareness of Greek foods and the Mediterranean lifestyle associated. Greek Gods products embody those specific flavors as well as processing techniques that are unique to the country of Greece.

Greek Gods Greek Yogurt is an extremely popular line of cultured dairy products available throughout the United States. Greek Gods Yogurt is a thick and creamy yogurt, full of body and rich in taste. All Natural wholesome ingredients, rBST/rBGH free milk, and 5 live and active cultures (including Probiotics) make up a healthy Mediterranean style yogurt. Greek Gods Yogurt is available in the Honey, Fig, Pomegranate, Traditional Plain, Reduced Fat Vanilla blend, and Nonfat plain varieties, both 6 oz grab and go or 24 oz family size.

Greek Gods has recently introduced a new and truly unique Greek gourmet super-premium ice cream known as: Pagoto Ice Krema. In modern times, Greek Pagoto (ice cream) is enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean for its unique flavors and creamy texture. Greek Gods Pagoto Ice Krema, made the traditional Greek way, using wholesome ingredients and mastic-resin to deliver a creamy and flavorful experience.

Mastic (also know as Chios Tears) comes from mastic trees grown in six villages (Mastichochoria) in the south of the small Greek island of Chios. Also know for its health properties; People in the Mediterranean region have used mastic as a medicine for gastrointestinal ailments for several thousand years.


Retailers such as Whole Foods Markets, Wild Oats, Earthfare, PCC, Metropolitan Markets, Haggen Foods, Top Foods and Drugs, New Seasons, Zupans, HEB stores, Vitamin Cottage, Market Street Stores, QFC, Bristol Farms, Gelsons, Ralphs, Lunds and Byerly, community Co-ops, etc…. all carry Greek Gods products. Go to www.greekgodsyogurt.com or www.greekgodspagoto.com for more locations in your area. Also, feel free to contact the Greek Gods at ggyfeedback@greekgodsyogurt.com to request that their products be made available in a store near you.