Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Trip to the Market and Sorroundings

I copied this post from my other blog.... This is what I love to do in Seattle

A friend of mine just moved here from out of town and this was a great opportunity to take her on my personal food tour. These are the places that I like to go when I need some inspiration of any kind and of course when I need to get food gifts for other food obsessed friends.
I started my food tour at the Westlake Center. Just a short walk from the Pike Place Market.
Daiso(Westlake Center, 400 Pine St) is my first stop whenever I am planning a dinner party or need some new teapots. It is a kind of Japanese dollar store with most items priced at a dollar fifty or three dollars. I get kitchen stuff, mini baking pans, special cake pans, decorations for homemade food gifts and everything else for the house.

Our next stop was the Chocolate box(108 Pine Street). They have just about anything chocolate in Seattle. There are also lots of samples and marvelous chocolate gifts to get for your friends.

The next stop is at Delaurenti(1435 First Ave)in Pike Place Market. They have a huge selection of everything; all the cheese that you can dream of, wine and so many specialty products that you can't find anywhere else. They also have truffles! Shopping tip: Get the red roasted peppers in a jar to add flavor to sauces or pasta.
Next we get a knish at the I love New York Deli (right across Delaurenti) and then we continue to Market Spice(1501 Pike Place)for a tasting of their Signature Market Spice Tea. We also got some of the spices that we need for our holiday recipes.
So many places, so little room in this post. I will continue this post some other time.
Look out for part two, coming to my blog soon.