Monday, December 10, 2007

Greek Gods Baklava Ice Cream

For the blogger event we received samples of foods and one of them was the Greek Gods yogurts and ice Cream. I contacted them after I tried their yogurt and fell in love. The plain yogurt has been my favorite for a really long time. I love the creamy almost sour cream like consistency. It tastes great instead of sour cream as a side to my favorite foods. Hubby and I topped our ravioli filled with kabocha squash with the yogurt.
I also received a sample of the Baklava Ice cream. I don't like Baklava because it is way to sweet but this ice cream is a unique mariage of walnuts, honey, cinnamon and almonds. It truly is wonderful! There is so much flavor in it. Every time I need something sweet, I stick my head in the freezer and grab a spoonful.