Sunday, December 16, 2007

Zen Asian Bistro in Bellevue

The newly opened Zen Asian Bistro is the greatest new addition to downtown Bellevue.
The place has an alluring atmosphere with a clean but classy, minimalistic decor.
Even before your meal arrives, the experience starts. You are presented with a smoky soup, edamame and a pot of tea. At first I thought it was some kind of lunch special but the same pre-meal pamper is served on the dinner menu as well. I enjoyed the Zen’s chicken in soothing lettuce cup and the vegetable tempura. The vegetable tempura was crunchy and not soggy with a great selection of vegetables. The Chicken Pad Thai($10) was a great blend of flavors and really well done. The sate was nothing special which was totally fine considering everything else was well executed. The staff was genuinely friendly and patient considering that I manically asked them if the food had M.S.G. Nope, none in sight. The prices are reasonable for such trendy and presentable fare($10-15 per entree). I am looking forward to my next Zenful evening because I haven't tried the sushi yet. The place is open until 2 am on some nights of the week.
If you want a great atmosphere with impressive food Zen go there soon.

Zen Asian Bistro
989 112th Avenue NE, Bellevue,
Washington 98004
(425) 453-2999