Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seattle's Food and Wine Festival

It's here again. The Seattle Food and Wine festival. Three days full of food tasting, chefs and wine.

Nigella on Northwest Afternoon

My day started in the audience of Northwest Afternoon. I knew Nigella Lawson was going to be there so I thought that it would be sweet to start my day with some cooking inspiration. Her smile was just as beautiful as it is on all her book covers with a magical nuance to it. She made a salad with halloumi cheese. Halloumi is salty with a firm tofu-like texture and it tastes great lightly fried. She also made a chocolate dessert which I will not reveal since all of you can catch the segment on Northwest Afternoon this Friday. Maybe you'll catch me drooling in the audience.
Nigella breezed through the cooking with a poise that would make any chef blush. Everything went by so fast and the segment was over before I could even digest what was going on. I was hoping that at one point we would get to sample the food but they took the trolley of goodies away. I was left intoxicated with a dominating chocolate aroma that is stuck in my head like the lyrics of song that I am unable to forget.
My day only got better. In the evening, I went to see Michael Rhulman, author of "The Elements of Cooking "who left me with enough inspiration to keep me motivated for the next few years. I will post about it tomorrow because such an interesting experience deserves a
post of its own.