Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Wedding Dinner

My Wedding Food Tasting
Finally the wedding is getting closer....less than two weeks to be precise. Yesterday, I went for the second tasting before the wedding. The food will be served Asado, which is a kind of Argentinean barbecue. Asado is the name for grilled beef. The waiters will come to the table with the beef on sticks. They will slice the meat hot and serve it directly to the guests.
There will be five different types of beef. There were chorizo sausages on the menu
but some of my family members had a problem with the idea of sausages being served at a wedding

As for the salads, I had to choose six salads out of so many. I chose cherry tomatoes,
wild mushrooms, a salad with a lemony vinaigrette, spicy coleslaw, cucumbers with a creamy sauce and grilled eggplant with tehini sauce. All I know is that I didn't choose the beets or the sweet potatoes because most people I know have a problem with beets and there are thick fried potatoes in the stations at the beginning.
I am not going to go through the whole menu because I can't remember most of the stuff from the stations and the hors d'oevres are a blur to me.

All I know is that people will need to be hauled out of the hall with such heavy food. I was thinking of putting warnings on the tables: Warning: more meat to come. Do not keep eating.