Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Discovered Palate

My fiance and I are always having little discussions about our palate. He claims that
I have gotten my palate used to certain foods and my standards for food are much higher. He doesn't taste the difference between tomatoes from Fred Myer and tomatoes from the market. It took me a whole month to convince him that
heirloom tomatoes taste different than Roma tomatoes and that they are worth 5.99 a pound. The other day at Whole foods, he actually bought some for dinner. I could not believe my eyes(yes, on sale) but still he agreed to pay 4.29 a pound for tomatoes.
I decided to think back and make a list of a few new vegetables or fruits that I discovered in the last while.
1. Heirloom Tomatoes
2. Fiddlehead Ferns
3. Donut Peaches
4. Wild Ramps
5. Squash Blossoms
6. Meyer Lemons
7. Elephant Garlic
8. Truffles
9. Kobacha Squash

What are your discoveries?

Padma's Cellulite

Emily from the last season of "Top Chef" lets her big mouth loose. Her claim that Padma has cellulite reminds me of why women are so jealous and why women should only have men friends. Women can be so nasty! Brace yourself girl, you wish you had one precent of Padma's beauty. Listen for more complaints.... that's all she does!

Listen here