Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Martha, You Lied Again!

I admire Martha for all her ideas; for the fact that she works so hard for everything she has accomplished. She really is a genius, an innovator, a trend setter for all women. The only problem, sometimes her recipes are not that great.

I was reading Martha Stewart Weddings when I came across an article that suggested using regular stamps to print on cookies. I was so excited. I spent 5 dollars a piece on two different stamps.
I followed her shortbread recipe religiously...............results....nada, no picture, just a flat cookie. Not even a
tiny sliver of a design in sight. I decided to try another peanut butter cookie recipe on the Internet that is also used for cookie stamping. No luck!!!
Then I read this post in Amateur Gourmet. He tried to make a pound cake from a Martha recipe. Okay, so it didn't work out. Things happen.
Read the comments on his post to see how many of Martha's recipes apparently don't succeed.
I still love Martha, even if she lies sometimes( she has a jail sentence to prove it) and the best thing about Martha is her daughter Alexis and Alexis' best friend Jennifer. They have a radio show on Satellite Radio.
Note: The pictures are from before. I didn't bother taking a picture of the mediocre cookies with no design.