Sunday, July 8, 2007

Apron Story

The story of my apron is a special one. There is this blog called Lucullian Delights and they want everyone to show off and talk about their apron. So here is my story.
I worked at this high end restaurant in New York where everyone had to wear pink striped aprons. You had to work their for a full year to earn an apron. I slaved day in and day out cutting onions until I finally got my pink apron. I then earned the respect that I deserved. I felt so proud. I wore it with a big smile and a pink scrunchie in my hair.

Just kidding. The story isn't true. I just thought I should make up something interesting. It's just a pink apron that I found at the Japanese dollar store(Daiso) for 3 dollars in the Westlake Center.

I added a coffee crisp in the front pocket. That's what pocket's are for.

I think the apron is tacky, cute, blond, cheesy, girly, nauseating.................

What do you think?


Ilva said...

It looks perfect to me, I like them soft so I can get a grip when I dry my hands. Or clean them of food. Thanks for your entry!

savvy savorer said...

It isn't that soft, more rough but hey don't want a softie in the kitchen.