Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have a problem with buffets. I thought about this last week at an Indian buffet. The fact that you can go more than once grosses me out. Mounds of food on my plate remind me of Chef Boyardee, no matter how good the mounds taste. The Indian buffet was really delicious but the fact that all the food touches each other and the sauces blend into a mushy colorful mess doesn't really appeal to me. As I bit into my spicy colorful palette, I noticed some Indian women eating. They had only two different colors on their plate and they ate slowly, dipping the Naan bread lightly in the spicy sauce.
It was as graceful as Swan Lake. I was eating like the ugly duckling and they were eating so peacefully. I was now, not only disgusted with myself but jealous.

I don't like the waiting in line in buffets either, the fact that everyone breathes over the food and their hair touches the food really suppresses my appetite.
What do you think? Are buffets worth it?

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Kelly Mahoney said...

I love buffets, but I'm selective as to the types I go to. I never go for dinner, when the food might have been sitting there for a while. I always try to go to a place that is busy, so I know the food is replaced often. I also only go to ones where attendants are near the food at all times so that some little kid who drops the serving tongs doesn't have the opportunity to put it back in the dish.