Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Restaurant in Ballard- Austin Cantina

There is a new visitor in town. Austin Cantina, a Tex Mex Restaurant opening on September 1.
I have a good feeling about the restaurant especially since there will be some interesting dishes like the chile dusted calamari with chipotle mayonnaise and the empanada de plantain made of mozarella, chorizo sausage poblano chiles and warm corn tortillas.
The enchilada filling options are mole, pot roast, pulled pork or vegan zucchini stew.
Judging from the chef's blog, it will be a nice, friendly place and as I noticed on the menu, the prices will be quite reasonable. I strongly believe that you can't judge a person, until you've read their blog.

Will you be one of the first to try?

Austin Cantina
5809 24 Av NW

For the menu, click on this post


Kelly Mahoney said...

I lived in Austin for four years and went back to visit when I was in high school. They have some wonderful Mexican places there -- at a place called La Margharita, I first saw tortillas made by hand. I miss the food!

redman said...

we are awaiting the opening of this place, too, since we live right down the street! let us know when you come out here and we can join you

Anonymous said...

Just went last night and left VERY satisfied! The food is full of flavor and the portions are perfect, especially compared to the prices. The owner was a pleasure to talk with. I recommend!

Anonymous said...

It is with regret that I advise another choice for a Tex-Mex experience. Though the staff exuded a cheerful demeanor, I find it my duty to warn you to avoid Austin Cantina. Having grown up in Texas and dined enthusiastically on Tex Mex, I've never ordered a taco plate accompanied with a soupy filling, which Austin Cantina served, separate from the tacos (?), with flavorful beans. The roast beef stew - which resembled carne guisada more than a proper taco filling - rendered the tortillas collapsable. The salsa with nopalito cactus lacked depth, acidity, or punch. Plus, the slimy texture of the nopalitos rendered the salsa nearly unpalatable.
On a related note, why is it, aside from the dreadful Azteca Restaurants - many of these putative Tex Mex diners charge for chips and salsa, something considered heresy in Texas? Another baffling choice consisted of an enchilada plate with a mole filling smothered with an enchilada sauce..why? Mole should be not a filling but rather a sauce,, rich and flavor enough to top any enchilada plate. Add to these failures the hefty prices for substandard latin food, and you'll be hitting Expdedia looking for reasonable airline tickets for the real thing.