Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Knish is Delish

It's about the time of the year where everyone is sniffling. No shaking hands, no friendly hugs, perhaps a wave from from across the room. Everyone around me is sick. What does one need?
Chicken soup with matzo balls, the ultimate comfort food.
Finally there is actually a place to get some in the Pike Place Market. I Love New York Deli
The kosher style New York deli is a small little place with lots of appetizing choices. Hot corned Beef, hot Pastrami, beef Brisket or other huge piles of meat. All this is served in dark rye, club roll, onion kaiser, sourdough or honey wheat bread. Did I mention the New York pickles? Oh yeah, those too.

I only tried one item so far because the last time I went it was 10 A.M. I ordered the knish. A Jewish doughy square or circle filled with potatoes, kasha(buckwheat), meat, onions or any other filling that is tasty when hot. I figured that I would try a few bites and finish the rest later. HA! I devoured the gigantic knish in a few seconds. It was hot and perfectly flaky with heaps of filling.
This knish is delish!

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Cakespy said...

I am going to have to go there!!