Friday, December 21, 2007

Frantic Foodie's Frantic Finds ,Part two

A few days ago I told you about some of the places I like to go shopping for foodie finds.
Here is part two.

After our stop at Market Spice we walked to the street behind the market. I like Market Spice when I need a few last minute spices or want to find interesting teas. When I have time to kill and the patience to look around, I wander to another spice stop. This one is bigger and less touristy. I stop at World Spice Merchants (1509 Western Ave). Here, I can open the jars and actually smell the spices. The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. This is when I start asking all the questions about my recipes. Frantic Foodie Gift Tip: Buy a friend a spicy gift. Buy little spice bottles and fill them with some exotic rare spices. Attach a recipe for each spice.

The next stop is the Spanish Table (1426 Western Ave). This store is one of my favorite stores for
foodie inspiration. I eye the chorizo sausages, the interesting Spanish cookies and stunning Spanish dishes. I like to buy a whole bunch of the individually wrapped cookies and try a different one each time. Frantic Foodie Gift Tip: Cookbooks!They have a huge selection of cookbooks on sale. They even have some cookbooks for 10-15 dollars. They also carry Mediterranean cookbooks that are hard to find at other places.
Look out for part 3 of Frantic Foodie's Frantic Finds, In and Around the Market.

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