Monday, December 17, 2007

Peet's Coffee

Last week I went to a coffee cupping at the new Peet's Coffee and Tea on Queen Anne. It was my first cupping experience.
First I learned how to taste the coffee.

Coffee Tasting
1)You swirl the coffee which cools it down.
2)Shove your nose in it. Smell the aroma!
3)SLURP! You actually make a huge slurping sound. This allows you to spray your palate.

What to look for?
1) Body, thickness, viscosity of the coffee.
2) Acidity. How acidic is it?
Do you taste a ripeness or a liveliness?
Do you taste an aftertaste? Does it linger on your tongue?
3)Aroma. What do you smell?

Now try to sense the different flavor touches. Is it fruity or floral? Can you taste cocoa? Does it have a woody taste?

After we tried a few different coffees, we discussed food pairing.
Some combos that go together.
Coffee from Kenya with chocolate.
Indonesian coffee goes with cinnamon or really creamy textured desserts or foods.
Ethiopian coffee with a fruit dessert, a berry or lemon tart.

Call Peet's to find out when the next free cupping will take place.

* There will be a fundraising event for the Sacred Heart Shelter on Dec 24. Peet's will be serving free brewed coffee and tea. People can donate as they wish. The donation will be matched by Peet's Coffee.

Peet's Coffee
2201 Queen Anne Ave. N
206 826 9001



Anonymous said...

Your thinly-disguised shilling is one thing when you're doing it on your own site, but it's getting really old over on Chowhound. Stop with the spamming over there, please.

savvy savorer said...

I don't think you realize that I really like finding things that
have to do with Seattle and things that are made in Seattle and taste great. It is totally about being proud about living here. I couldn't care less what you think. I taste interesting things everyday and only write about what I really love. If I don't like something I'll write that I don't but most the things that I find mediocre are not worth mentioning. As for Chowhound, I write what I
sincerely think and if you don't want to deal with it, then don't. Don't try to ruin the goodness in discovering new things. Chowhound is about giving your oppinion and that is just what I am doing. Try to make someone else unhappy!

Anonymous said...

I think you're a self-promoter and by accepting gifts and blogging about them you're not being honest about your interests.

You might say "oh but I wouldn't blog about it if I didn't like it" but the point is you didn't really "find" it and pay for it, you had someone hand it to you for free. This necessarily colours your perception. Real restaurant reviewers don't take free meals and Consumer Reports doesn't accept advertising or free products.

savvy savorer said...

Let me just make a few things clear. I would never go to a restaurant in order to have a free meal and write about it.I just wouldn't want to be in this uncomfortable situation. I have been offered to write about upscale restaurants that I can't afford and have not taken up the offer. Oh and every restaurant that I have written about it so far, I have paid for.
Maybe I should start accepting free meals because I am running out of money.
As for products, I like to try products and then email them what I think. Sometimes a sample is the only way that I would be exposed to this. I repeat I would not write about something without being a 100 percent honest.
The thing about my blog is that I want people to know what's opening and what's new. So I will write that a restaurant is opening because it is. I am not promoting the restaurant by writing about it especially if I don't put in my two cents worth.
I really like to be in the know, with new openings and I am sharing this with others. I have written about a new opening and then written that I haven't like it in a later post. I really don't appreciate your comment because obviously you are not aware of how much work goes into my blog. Do you realize how much time is invested in this? Also, I am always honest because I want to be fair to my readers.
As for the fact that you are writing this under the Pete's Cupping. They offered me tea to take home and I didn't even take it. I bussed all the way to Queen Anne to write about this, did a coffee cupping which is free anyway and didn't even take tea home. I just thought it would be an interesting article.
Too bad you didn't write your real name, I would love to look over the stuff you wrote and then try to prove that you are not being truthful, that your oppinion is not really yours. No actually I wouldn't stoop to your level.