Friday, February 8, 2008

Seattle Food Blogger Event at Sorrentino

The last food blogger event was almost a week ago but I couldn't find the time to write. Better late than never. Here goes...
The bloggers.....No particular order (actually I think it's the way they sat in the restaurant)

Eileen at Mintz your words
Sara at From food to dinner and Adventures of a Hungry Girl
Mohini at Mango Power Girl
Rachel at Eateateatenjoy and Stick a Fork in it
Ronald at Cornichon
Katrin at Simply Culture
Jay From Seattlest

Of course some of the bloggers bought friends but I decided to mention only the bloggers themselves.

The food was authentic Italian food. Hand made pasta, pizza and other Italian food made of all natural ingredients. I ordered the three-meat sauce specialty pasta with
slow-simmered ragout of homemade pork sausage, chunky beef and veal meatballs, topped with fresh ricotta. I really enjoyed the dish especially the sweet sausage which they make themselves. My hubby ordered the pizza which I couldn't stop eating!
Thanks Everyone!

Note: It was super bowl night so some of the bloggers couldn't come but don't worry guys there will be another event soon.


Cakespy said...

Man, I am sorry I missed it, but NYC was fun too. Looks like a delicious time!

ms.proust said...

The pizza looks good... Will have to suggest it to the newly formed "pizza group" I was invited to join. And your pasta--well, I can't resist a great meatball paired with fresh ricotta! Something to check out for sure since it looks like we won't be making it to Sicily this year.

Will take note of your move to frantic foodie & check out your adventures from there.