Thursday, October 25, 2007

Amateur Gourmet Almost Gives Up Restaurant Reviews

The Amateur Gourmet has taken some new turns lately. A new book, an improved website. Fame is the name of the game.

I am an avid reader of his blog
for a really long time so I feel like I am part of his blossoming process into a real time
writer. Too much credit for myself, possibly. Don't forget that it's the little people that count.
I really enjoyed his post about restaurant reviews. He mentions his inner conflicts about how much to write and how critical he can be. He suddenly has to be careful not to ruin any of his contacts.
He now knows what it's like to be criticized. It's so easy to ruin someones business with a few innocent words. It's also easy to lose readers of your own when you are not sharing all the information you know.
Read the comments to the post as well. They tell you a lot about what his audience likes.

What do you think? To write or not to write?

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Italian Woman said...

I think that he's addicted to the writing and can't stop no matter what. I sort of think he's bluffing. he's also exaggerating his power. It's hard to believe he has the power to deep-six a restaurant. Only his hometown newspaper can do that. He roams all around the country, so what power he has is spread around and depleted. Personally, I love his reviews because they're so frank and artless. I hope he just keeps doing them the same way and doesn't get all pompous on us.