Monday, November 12, 2007

Does Meat Make You Stink?

Spending two weeks with yogis taught me a lot about food. Most of the people in the yoga course were vegetarian and some were vegan. The other day I spoke to one of the guys and he mentioned that some other guy smells.
"He smells because he eats meat" he remarked in such an assertive but nonchalant manner. Thoughts ran through my head. Do I smell like a walking hamburger? Do all meat eaters need extra deodorant?

I did the odor test. You know, the one where you put your arm up to scratch you head and gently place your head near your armpit. Nope, no smell. Even after 3 hours of yoga. Would I give up meat if I noticed a smell? No, probably not. Not even if I could smell like basil! We continued walking until we got to Fremont Coffee where I ordered my favorite turkey sandwich with some adjustments. The turkey sandwich has cheese and mayonnaise so I always ask them to put lots of basil instead of these ingredients. The sandwich is served grilled with a side of those kettle-like chips. Great place to bring your laptop and surf the net for articles about meat and
body odor. Does meat make you stink?

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