Monday, January 21, 2008

How Super are You?

For the blogger event, I got some Supertaster strips. I thought it would be fun.
I tried mine at home with hubby, we have these little quarrels about parmesan cheese.
He likes to grate parmigiano reggiano and regular parmesan and make me try them both. He likes to see if I know the difference. He hasn't got me yet! So we tried the supertaster.
You place the supertaster strip in your mouth.
a) If you can't taste anything, then you are a non-taster
b) If you can taste a bitter taste, then you are a taster.
c) If the taste is really bad, you are a supertaster.

My hubby was a taster and mine was really gross. It tasted kind of like the glue on an envelope maginified 10 times. I did actually gag but I am still not sure if I am a taster or a supertaster. There should be something in the middle.

Either way it was a fun experience and a great way to get everyone laughing at the party. It's a great icebreaker! I will order some the next time I have a party with other people. The price is cheap: 4.95 for 2 strips.

My blogger buddy Herbivoracious posted his results on his blog too.

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